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By Vespa from Thessaloniki to Ossa

First meeting with the Thessaloniki Vespa Club: Panorama, Ossa up to the Ziogas Western Saloon.

The Thessaloniki Vespa Club was born in 1986, many enthusiasts are part of it and thanks to our friend Minas we are now here too. This was our first meeting, about 100 kilometers together with about thirty vespas with which we challenged the clouds.

Panoramic views

Panorama, view of Limni Koroneia lake, Lagkadas hills

We start our tour going up from Thessaloniki towards Panorama, the rich area with luxurious villas and the breathtaking view over the whole bay of Thessaloniki. There is little haze and we can see the shining Mount Olympus and the snows on its peak. We skirt the Chortiatis mountain and reach a panoramic point, where we can admire the Limni Koroneia Lake which is behind Thessaloniki. After the usual photos, we set off again and descend the winding curves to the lake and then continue towards Langadas.

We walk along the gentle hills of the Katafigio State Park and stop at the shooting range, it's open-air and many train-by-shooting numbers are scattered in the vegetation. As we hear volleys of gunfire in the bush, they enthusiastically explain how it works,

Ossa and the ancient peasant culture


We continue north and arrive in Ossa, a folk village well-known among the Greeks. Just 300 people live here, but they are very proud of their history and have preserved various environments and objects typical of the past. Everyone is waiting for us in the village: we park the motorbikes in the square and three guides do the honors.

The city's name means "high, lofty" due to its location on the hills; in the past was famous for making shoes and its craftsmen were famous throughout Macedonia. The building where the Town Hall is located was the old school, boys and girls studied separately and the building was designed by a famous Greek architect. Inside they have used two museum rooms explaining the style through objects of life that existed until the 1950s. The school desks with notebooks, the loom and the colorful wool carpets typical of Ossa, the tools for harvesting by hand, the house with the day and night areas all together, the white dress for women to stay at home making bread and the black one for going out.

Outside, we follow the guide towards an old alley where he takes us into the shoemaker's shop, this one too carefully restored. The designs on its exterior were made by students of the University of Fine Arts who have taken up the traditional motifs.

We finish with the ancient heart of the village: the small mini market stocked with everything, even gas bottles. At Ossa, they are doing a fantastic job of restoring it and hope in the coming years to show more depictions of how life used to be.

Ossa is also famous for cherries and an important festival is held every year at the end of June.

Western Saloon

Ziogas Western City in Lefkochori

We leave Ossa again and a member of the group falls due to a stray dog, often they come out suddenly and, as in this case, they become dangerous. Nothing serious and we continue, we are at a high altitude and we can see the snowy mountains in the distance. Along the way there is some confusion as to which way to go but eventually, we arrive at Western City ( This place is very well known by the people of Thessaloniki: it's the perfect place to go horse riding, picnic and take the kids. Fabio is fascinated by the snake and even tries to carry it on his shoulders.

It's starting to rain, it's cold and a hot coffee is a must. Let's try to wait, let's play a game of table football, have a little chat and then, looking at the big black clouds, we decide to set off again towards Thessaloniki. We get there frozen and soaked, but still eager to eat at a good tavern. Luckily we find an open Cretan one and so we leave the power to resurrect us to the warm rakomelo and good food.

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