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Greek-Italian Dictionary

Useful words and phrases to make yourself understood in Greece when traveling

Greetings and basic words
  • Hi: Yassu (to friends) or Yassas (formal or to more people)

  • Good morning: Kalimera (Καλημέρα)

  • Good evening: Kalispera (Καλησπέρα)

  • Goodnight: Kalinikta (Καληνύχτα)

  • Thank you: Efkharisto (ευχαριστώ)

  • You are welcome: Parakalo (παρακαλώ)

  • Yes: Nee (Ναί)

  • No: Okhi (όχι)

Simple sentences
  • How are you?: Ti kanis? (τι κάνεις)

  • I'm fine: Kala (καλα)

  • I do not speak greek: Den milao Ellinika (δεν μιλάω Ελληνικά)

  • I'm italian: Eímai Italós (είμαι Ιταλός)

  • I speak italian: Miláo italiká (μιλάω ιταλικά)

  • How much is it? Poso kanei (πόσο κάνει)

At the restaurant, that is called Taverna
  • Can i have...?: Boro na eho … (μπορώ να έχω)

  • A beer: Mia bira (μία μπύρα)

  • Water: Ena nero (Ενα ΝΕΡΟ)

  • Cheers: Yamas (γειά μας)

  • The bill: Logariasmos (λογαριασμός)

  • The bill please: To logariasmos, parakalo!

  • Toilet= Toualeta (τουαλέτα)

  • Credit card/Bancomat= Cartula (καρτούλα)

To find out what to order and eat go to the dedicated article

Useful words for getting around
  • Airport: Aerodromio (αεροδρόμιο)

  • Train station: Stathmos Trenou (σταθμός τραίνου)

  • Bus: Leoforeio (λεωφορείο)

  • Taxi: Taxi (ταξί)

  • I got to go to.. : Prépei na (πρέπει να)

  • Pharmacy= Farmakio (φαρμακείο)

Good luck!



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