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Marche: Lame Rosse Canyon and Lake Fiastra

Trekking day in the Canyon of the Red Blades

The Lame Rosse of Fiastra is a well-known place near the Sibillini Mountains (Marche in the province of Macerata). It is a kind of canyon where these nice gravel and clay formations are found, formed over time, thanks to the erosion of atmospheric agents.

Where the route starts

The Lake Fiastra is an artificial lake (formed by the dam), which is located at the foot of the National Park of Mounts Sibillini and is surrounded by lush nature. From here begins the path to the Lame Rosse.

You can start from the dam or the Belvedere via Ruffella. The route is not very difficult, but puts the body to a light test; just take a break for a couple of kilometers to be able to fully enjoy the surrounding nature. Only the last stretch before entering the canyon is difficult, as you have to go uphill on gravel. The route is about 7 km long and can be covered there and back in about three/four hours.

How did we find this magnificent place?

At the beginning of the week, we decide together what to do and where to go on the weekend for a trip out of town. Since the weather was very nice that week, we wanted to spend a day not far from home (we live in Riccione on the border, therefore the Marches) and in the open air. As always, we search for places of interest on Google and discover the so-called Red Blades. The route would have started from Lake Fiastra where a sign indicated the road to follow.

Once Saturday, we take the car and head towards the destination... simple!

Lake Fiastra

The color blue

Once we get to the lake, we stop to take pictures as usual and take a walk near the water.

The day is truly memorable and we would want to take a dip, even if the water certainly would not have been warm enough!

In the mountains above the lake there are points where you can literally see the 360-degree panorama, so let's warm up our muscles up there to prepare for the walk.

The path of the Red Blades (Lame Rosse)

The green of the plants, the beige of the soil and the red of the Lame: a path within everyone's reach

The route begins on the plain before proceeding with a difference in altitude of approximately 200m. The road is quite wide and given the low season in general, we didn't meet many people (fortunately, because we don't like crowds!).

It is important to state that you must necessarily bring plenty of water from home, especially in the summer and then, there are no toilets or bars.

The first kilometers weren't easy, but we were happy to stretch our legs after a week in the office, so we didn't lose heart and carried on non-stop.

After about 7 km we finally arrived at the place of interest and it was a nice surprise to discover this place close to home: it was really worth it for us. Some might object, but our aim was not only to see the Red Blades but also (perhaps primarily) to do outdoor physical activity rather than going to the mall.

Warning: the last stretch to get to Lame is very uphill and the ground is very slippery. We therefore recommend technical clothing, a stick (I used a branch) and a lot of caution for these last 300m.

From the Lame Rosse, you can continue the path up to the Grotta dei Frati (caves).

Itinerary on the map:



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