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Parga, Preveza, Lepanto

Three beautiful Greek seaside cities in Epirus, where it feels like an island.


The Portofino of Greece. A mix between the Greek beaches and the villages of the Cinque Terre.

It can be reached from Igoumenitsa in 40 minutes by car, by taxi (65€) or by bus. And it is among the ideal destinations for those who don't want to travel by car during their holiday.

The center is cozy and lively, made up of narrow pedestrian alleys that climb towards the Venetian castle and then Alì Pasha on the hill, the promenade on the port with taverns, the small shops and beautiful panoramic places that illuminate and give life to Parga.

From its castle, the citizens of Parga repeatedly repelled the attacks of the Ottomans of Ali Pasha in the 19th century. With the dissolution of the Venetian Republic, Parga came under French control but the citizens, fearing that the French garrison would abandon them, allowed the British to enter the fortress during the night. However, the British gave the city to Ali Pasha and most of the citizens took refuge in Corfu. This exodus caused a stir in Europe and famous artists like Hayez painted the tragedy.


In the city center, there is a small very crowded beach: a tongue of pebbles with wonderful water where you can swim to the islet in front of it to visit the city church. A few steps further on is Krioneri Bay.

Voutomi is the longest and sandy beach, behind the castle, ideal for families.

While the beach of Lichnos is the most beautiful, with very fine pebbles and the possibility of renting pedal boats and fees to visit the Cave of Aphrodite, where the goddess bathed to maintain her beauty. Here there are beautiful hotel suites or a basic campsite where it is possible to sleep by the beach under the shade of an olive tree.


From the main port of the city you can take the small boats to get to the beach of Lichnos, Voultimi with 8-12€ (depending on the destination). Or you can spend a day in Syvota or the beautiful islands of Paxos and Antipaxos to see the blue Maldivian beaches, among the most beautiful in Greece (the boats that organize this excursion they are very large and be prepared to take a few dives to launch yourself into the water, cost around €35-40). Find out more about Paxos and Antipaxos.

Another excursion is to go kayaking on the Acheron River or visit the Necromanteion, an ancient temple dedicated to Hades and Persephone, and an important Greek oracle where the afterlife is.

🏝️ Lichnos, Voultimi, city center beach, Krioneri bay

🍴🥂 Restaurants and clubs for an aperitif or after dinner along the port

🛏️Villa Chrisanthi (well-kept, kind and great location in Parga), Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites

🚗 Parga is small and narrow, we saw a car park here for less than €10 for the whole day

Lichnos Beach with Aphrodite's Cave


Preveza is a very popular destination for those traveling by boat, thanks to its location and modern marina. The city is located at the beginning of the Gulf of Arta, close to the airport of Aktio; it is halfway between Parga (1h) and the island of Lefkada (35m)

On the promenade boats are moored on one side and on the other there are taverns and tourist places, continuing the walk you arrive at the Marina. Entering the historic center instead, you will find the typical Greek alleys that hide suggestive views among colored houses, bougainvillea and taverns.

This area was the scene of important historical events: in Azio (Aktio) in one of the most important naval battles of antiquity Cleopatra and Marco Antonio were defeated by Octavian, who with the victory assumed the title of Augustus and consolidated his power, shortly after becoming Emperor of Rome.

To commemorate the victory he founded Nikopolis ("city of victory - Nike") still today a huge archaeological site with large walls, where you can walk among the remains of basilicas and other monuments.

🍴Jasmin tavern with live music

🛏️ Hotel Urania

✈️ Aktio airport

🏝️ Alonaki, Kiani Akti near the center

Lepanto or Nafpaktos

A pearl near Patras, at the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth. The large mountain beyond the sea gives the feeling of being on Lake Garda. The historic center is wonderful with the old port surrounded by small bars where you can stop for a drink, the taverns near the mosque, the fountains, the large trees, and the promenade very well-kept with beaches and restaurants.

From the center, you can also reach the Venetian castle (on foot or by car), from which you can enjoy a unique panoramic view.

Historical curiosity: this is the city of the famous Battle of Lepanto of 1571, where the Holy League defeated the Ottoman Empire for the first time in centuries. Famous artists - such as the Veronese painter - celebrated this victory, but in reality, it was short-lived because already the following year the Ottoman fleet returned to full strength and in the following decades conquered the Venetian possessions in the Mediterranean.

🏝️Psani beach, directly on the seafront (Navmachias)

🍴 Apico as a restaurant and Bite and Go for the best pita gyros and souvlaki in town.

🍻 Around the ancient port

Castello cafe for a panoramic view of the old port and the entire gulf

🚢️️ Patras and Nafpaktos are connected by a huge new bridge and ferries

Have a nice trip!



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