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Tuscany: Populonia and Fairy Hole

The magic of Tuscany in one of its most beautiful places.

Relax under the umbrella pines and the Casa Balena (Whale House)

Populonia and the Gulf of Baratti

Populonia is a fraction of the municipality of Piombino and was in the past one of the most important Etruscan and Roman cities of the time. What remains today is an evocative hamlet with its fortress that can be visited, the fortress of Populonia.

But not only that, just outside the walls you can see the remains of the ancient city, with the Etruscan walls and the remains of buildings from the Roman era.

Some of the city necropolis can be visited in the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, together with the remains of the industrial district in the port area.

In the current village, on the other hand, we recommend seeing the Gasparri Collection (private) which preserves precious artifacts from the city and submarine finds from the stretch of sea in front.

The Gulf of Baratti is one of the most beautiful places on the Tuscan coast. Large pine trees bent by the wind dominate the beach, creating areas of greenery and cool shade. The beach is sandy and free with some kiosks for eating and drinking a spritz while admiring the sunset. To its right, a walk continues in the maritime forest with beautiful views and a little-known uniqueness: the Casa Balena (Whale House). This particular construction was designed by the architect Vittorio Giorgini in 1962 - alongside another extravagant invention of his, the hexagonal house - and is the first example of architecture in the world made of isoelastic mesh and concrete membrane.

Around this place, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Tyrrhenian and breathe in the saltiness in the company of a breathtaking sunset.

Breathtaking sunset over the sea

Fairy hole (Buca delle Fate)

We were talking about sunsets?? Personally here, at Buca delle Fate, we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen in our travels (alas, I admit it's hard to compete with those in South Africa or Australia), thanks to the wonderful weather, a perfect climate and a light breeze that caressed us.

With a couple of beers and some chips, we arrived at this hidden bay in the Gulf of Baratti, a privileged area for snorkeling, turquoise sea, and white sand.

How to reach the Fairy Hole (Buca delle Fate):

The path that leads to the Buca delle Fate begins from the parking lot.

You have to follow the first junction that leads directly here following path no. 301 as reported by the hiking indications.

If you want to continue to the beach, it is a good idea to bring plenty of water, food, shoes for the rocks and a mask for snorkeling XD

To get to the buca della fate it is easy to go wrong due to the few indications and the many paths in the middle of the trees; tip: always look towards the sea. On the way back, we didn't have torches and in the Mediterranean woods it was getting dark fast, but luckily we found a group with torches who led the way back.

Itinerary on the map:



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