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Tuscany: the best things to see

The most beautiful and incredible places in Tuscany among villages, sea, spas, nature, and fairy tales.


The most beautiful panoramic road in all of Tuscany: rolling hills that are very green in spring and sand colored in winter. It can be covered from Asciano or from Taverne d'Arbia, setting the point on google Crete Senesi Panoramic Point


The Abbey of San Galgano is an imposing Gothic church from the 1200s which was left in ruins by the monks due to famine. Its great charm is due to the lack of a roof, which was sold in 1550 by the Commendatory. Next to it is the hermitage of Monte Siepi where San Galgano retired to a hermitic life and, according to legend, stuck his sword into the stone as a symbol of peace.


The Gulf of Baratti is the most evocative seaside place in Tuscany. The gulf beach is surrounded by enormous umbrella pines bent by the wind. Alongside the beach, there is a small road in the pine forest which leads to Vittorio-Giorgini's whale-house, a unique example of futuristic architecture with a very strange shape. Going up the hill you reach Populonia, an Etruscan settlement with a fortress and a view of the gulf. Just before the village, there is the road that leads to Buca delle Fate: you can go there to sunbathe and swim (there are rocks) or at the end of the day to see one of the most beautiful sunsets over the sea to nature.


Cala Violina is the most beautiful and famous beach in the Maremma. It is located halfway between Follonica and Punta Ala in a Nature Reserve; in fact, to reach it you have to walk a path in the Mediterranean scrub for about 20 minutes. Here the water is crystalline and the sand is very fine. Its sand made it famous: made of quartz grains, when it is rubbed - for example when walking - it generates a sound very similar to that of a violin.

Tip: get there early!! Here the main parking lot fills up quickly; another option is to park at Camping Punta Ala but the walk is longer and under the sun.


Punta Ala is a beautiful seaside resort that hides an incredible place. Our friends who live there let us discover it! You have to walk the uphill road that runs alongside the Castle of Punta Ala (you go past the barrier) and at a certain point you find a detour in the woods. The path soon opens onto the small promontory with a magnificent view and benches that allow you to enjoy the view. But for the highlight you have to get to the bottom: where there is the most beautiful bench in Tuscany, in front of the open sea .. and with two beers in your backpack you can expect a spectacular sunset.


Pienza is a small romantic village in the Val D'Orcia, considered the ideal city of the Renaissance and a Unesco heritage site. It is famous for its pecorino, whose scent you can smell as soon as you enter the historic center and which can be tasted in the numerous shops. Look up and notice the street names! Also not to be missed is the panoramic walk from which you can admire the entire Val d'Orcia.


In Tuscany, there are several thermal springs, among which the most famous is Saturnia, but there is a wonderful one hidden in the woods: the Bagni di San Filippo. They are free and accessible from the village with an easy path in the woods. Natural pools of very hot water are created along the river, perfect even in late winter, and thermal mud is deposited on the seabed, perfect for skin care. The most famous point is the White Whale (named for the resemblance to the mouth of a whale), here the waters can reach up to 48° degrees and colliding with the cold waters of the river they create white-blue shades.


This village has a charm of other times and is unique in all of Italy, its central square is in fact an immense pool of thermal water. It was built in the Renaissance period above the thermal spring which the ancient Romans already enjoyed. Today you cannot enter the large swimming pool, but there are paid spas in luxurious hotels or free natural pools and canals around the village. Also not to be missed is the Parco degli Antichi Molini.


This magical and surreal place is the brainchild of the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Fascinated by Parque Guell and Bomarzo, the young woman begins the construction of her magical and spiritual dream in 1979 and in 17 years of her life, self-financing herself with 22 steel and concrete figures covered with glass, mirrors and very colorful ceramics. She gets lost like Alice in Wonder among dragons, monsters, symbols, colors, having fun exploring this incredible world and taking millions of photos. It is given little attention but it is one of the most original works in Tuscany.


Sammezzano Castle is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life, but its infinite beauty has cost it bad luck over the centuries and has resulted in sadness. Its current appearance is due to Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona who began to change its appearance in the second half of the nineteenth century under oriental influence, creating a paradise of colors and wooden shapes, but also squandering the family finances by arise bad moods. In 1970 it was transformed into a hotel and restaurant which, due to debts, was sold to an English holding company, which did not take care of it. To this day it remains a private complex and as such cannot be protected as a national cultural heritage. The FPXA Committee voluntarily takes care of it, organizing visits when possible and protecting it from incursions by kids and criminals who sneak in day and night to steal parts or ruin it. Info and how to support the castle:


Ponte del Diavolo is located in Garfagnana in Borgo a Mozzano; it is a classic medieval bridge but with asymmetrical arches that defy gravity. Legend has it that during construction the head mason realized that he would never be able to complete the bridge in time and, taken by fear, he turned to the Devil asking him for help. The Devil agreed to complete the bridge in one night in exchange for the soul of the first passerby who crossed it. The pact was signed but the Devil was mocked: in fact, the builder made a pig cross the bridge first. In Garfagnana, there are also the beautiful Isola Santa, Vagli Sotto and Monte Forato where it is possible to jump with the swing (we did it and it's fantastic!!)

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