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Halkidiki: the best beaches of the Chalkidiki peninsula

Discovering the 3 legs: Kassandra, Sithonia, Mount Athos, and their magnificent beaches

The Halkidiki peninsula is a place of extraordinary beauty and its three legs offer unique and different atmospheres and opportunities.

First leg: Kassandra

Nea Potidea, Glarokavos Beach, Afytos, Kryopigi, Pefkochori

Kassandra is the closest and most touristy leg, suitable for teens and nightlife.

In fact, in the Kallithea area, there are several clubs close by, such as JR, Angels, Coral, and others.

The first beach you meet is Nea Potidea, simpler than the others, but immediately charms with its pebble sand and intense blue.

Our favorite places are:

  • Thea Beach is at the beginning of the leg with a magnificent view and green water.

  • Glarokavos Beach with a beautiful pine forest, few tourists and crystal clear water;

  • Afytos both for the beach and the beach bars and for the village, it is the most beautiful and characteristic of all Halkidiki and we recommend the Notos for a spritz at sunset or after dinner.

  • Marina restaurant to see Mount Olympus in its magnificence while eating (in summer it is difficult to see it due to the rising humidity).

On the other side, at Loutra Beach you can see the hot water of the thermal spring that descends the cliffs and reaches the sea; there is also a small beach.

Possidi Beach has wonderful colored stones but there is no shade; in winter you can see Mount Olympus in front of you. Siviri also has a nice beach and is a quiet place to spend the holidays.

Second leg: Sithonia

Nikiti beaches, Karydi, Kavourotrypes, Marmaras

Sithonia is the wild leg, perfect for those who love nature and relaxation .. for this reason it is also the most suitable for families.

Along the road between Kassandra and Nikiti there are gas stations and supermarkets to refuel before going to enjoy the day at sea. The first beach is that of Nikiti, where it is possible to experience the thrill of a horse ride on the sand and even in the water.

Continuing on you arrive in Vourvourou, a typical seaside resort with villas on the bay, flowers, small shops, a real gem. Here is the famous Karydi beach, enchanting all year round, the second most beautiful beach in Halkidiki. The sand is fine and the seabed is shallow, in summer the water is warm and crystalline, the surrounding pine forest allows you to rest in the shade and around there are some trucks to eat together with a beautiful bar-restaurant called Melia.

Going down there are the beaches of Armenistis and Akti Oniro/Manassu Beach Bar and Restaurant - a bay bought years ago by a gentleman who happened to be there on a boat and fell in love with it, now there is an establishment and a luxury campsite - here you will arrive soon in the high water.

Continuing south, the road is more mountainous and dotted with colorful beehives (you can buy excellent honey from local beekeepers). Do not miss Paralia Kavourotrypes, the most beautiful beach in all of Halkidiki, whose name literally means holes/crabs holes, and in fact, one can be found carved on a rock. The water is crystal clear with magnificent colors between blue and blue. A small paradise that can be very popular in the summer (we also went there at the end of October to enjoy it better and we even went swimming). We recommend that you take a stroll on both sides of the beach to enjoy the view; in case it is a windy day, the area towards Orange beach offers excellent places to stay in the sun sheltered.

Sarti is a real tourist resort, an excellent option to see the surroundings, enjoy the beach if you don't want to always move, walk along the promenade, try excellent restaurants and feel the typical liveliness of the seaside areas. In front of the beach stands Mount Athos imperiously and we were lucky enough to see the moon rise from its slopes.

Going down towards the tip there is one of the peninsula's rowing clubs: Ethnik Beach Bar and nearby there are some very beautiful beaches such as Tristinika Beach to spend the day before an aperitif.

Third leg: Mount Athos

Tripiti, Ammouliani, Uranopoli, Komitsa

The third leg can only be visited for a short distance because the rest is reserved for the Autonomous Monastic State of Mount Athos, which only men can access with a special visa. The part that can be visited is very suggestive, mountainous with structures on the slopes overlooking the sea.

Tripiti beach is dotted with large palm trees and gives the impression of being in the Maldives; it also overlooks the island of Ammouliani and ferries depart for the island from the nearby port.

Uranopoli is a small village with an ancient stronghold and taverns overlooking the sea, an ideal place to see beautiful sunsets. From its marina, you can leave for an excursion from the sea of ​​Mount Athos. Near the monastery of Zygos to breathe the spirituality beyond the borders.

On the other side, you can see Kavala and Mount Pagaion in the distance. Worthy of note is the secluded bay of Komitsa, where some lucky ones live by the sea in their little houses and caravans. You arrive at a dirt road that is not well signposted, but it is really worth it. At the end of the bay, there is also the dividing wall of the border with Mount Athos.

Helpful tips:

  • From Thessaloniki airport, you can rent a car or a 350cc Vespa with which you can easily arrive and visit Halkidiki.

  • Traffic is very busy on Fridays from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki and on Sundays to return.

  • The beach umbrellas are usually free and you are asked to consume a coffee or anything else at the restaurant or at the adjoining bar; in some places in July and August, you pay a fixed fee of € 10 to € 30, whose credit can be used at the bar.

  • To sleep there are beautiful campsites, especially on the second leg such as Mitari, Akti Oneirou, Armenistis, Iza, and on the first as Skouras or there are many villas and apartments by the sea.

  • Paralia means "beach" ⛱

Must places:

Afytos, Karydi Beach, Kavourotrypes Beach

Itinerary in map:

Click here to see the map or use it during the trip



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