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Nightlife in Thessaloniki

Where to have a coffee, enjoy a cocktail and dance clubs in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki is the perfect city to experience from dusk till dawn. At every corner and in every neighborhood there are dozens and dozens of places to stop for a drink and have fun.

Beautiful places to have a coffee or a cocktail

The liveliest places

Maybe it would take two years to try all the restaurants, clubs, and bars in Thessaloniki. Here is always the right time for a coffee (at any time), a biretta or to dance.

The Ladadika area (the area from Katouni Street to Egnatia Street) is the most vibrant, always full of people and beautiful clubs.

  • Ypsilon hipster and gay-friendly place with good electronic music and cocktails

  • Le Cercle de Salonique, a magical speakeasy-style location

  • Stin Taratsa on the terrace

On the seafront from Piazza Aristotelus to the White Tower there is a succession of bars and cafés overlooking the gulf, perfect for enjoying a break and watching the sunset:

  • Malt n' Jazz to listen to jazz music

  • Ephemeris style more rock punk underground

  • Achilleion and the nearby bars are all beautiful

  • At the White Tower, there are also 3 illuminated and themed boats where you can get on to have a drink and look at Thessaloniki from the water

While on the waterfront from the White Tower to the Concert Hall there are beautiful venues near the water such as:

  • Ciel Bar and next to the Omilos

  • Skyline cafe bar (in the panoramic tower, we haven't tried it yet but they told us it's very expensive)

  • Jamaica, the only place in Thessaloniki where cocktails are cheap

  • Allegro inside the Concert Hall

  • Cafe Le Monde, MeliMelo and nearby bars

More student-style, there is Olimpou Street behind the Roman Forum:

  • Kafodeio Greek to listen to good live music: rock on the ground floor and jazz on the first floor.

  • The Blues Bar overlooking the forum

Finally, the area around the Hagia Sophia has among the best breweries.

  • Bulldogs & the Beast, a very popular place where it is not easy to find a table

  • Pulp

  • Beer Garden

  • LOCAL Thessaloniki

  • Giulietta Spritzeria for excellent spritzes

Many beautiful but out of the center:

  • Latérna

  • Zen Garden

  • The Monk

  • Les Zazous where there is music in the summer evening


Clubs, roof tops and music

The beauty of clubs in Thessaloniki is that you can find places where you don't pay for entrance and cloakroom, where you don't stand in line but simply book a table and consume what you want.

  • Chilai: splendid location with music for everyone (perfect even in winter)

  • Aigli Geni Hamam: it is a beautiful and intimate club inside an ancient hammam with electronic music and an outdoor garden for it's summer

  • On the terrace at Vanilla Sky and under the BALI Night Club, they are both sophisticated or fancy.

  • Ensayar The Four Seasons Bar: here in winter after midnight the evenings began with the DJ set.

  • Casper is a nightclub in Ladadika, while Eightball downtown is for young kids..we don't recommend them.



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