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Guide to the island of Rhodes between the history of the Knights of Malta, the beautiful village of Lindos and the Valley of the Butterflies.

For us, Rhodes was a passing destination, but we tried to see as much as possible by renting a moped, the ideal way to move around.

Old city of Rhodes

The first evening we went to the old town of Rhodes, a Unesco heritage site, which is really beautiful and vibrant with its medieval winding streets, the castle of the Knights of the order of Malta, the entrance with the stone bridge and the long city walls . We recommend going through the Amboise gate to admire the triumphal entrance and a harmonious avenue along the ramparts dotted with large trees, painters and musicians. Continuing towards the beach, we arrive at the most modern area of Rhodes and at the mandraki where there are beautiful restaurants under the bougainvilleas, establishments, diving boards and places to drink in the evening (Elli, Ronda, Meltemi become magical in the evening .. pick one for a drink!).

In the mandraki you can also see a monument to the "Colossus of Rhodes", one of the seven wonders of the world, a huge 30-meter statue of the god Helios of which nothing remains due to a strong earthquake 66 years after its construction. Once believed to be located in the port, it is now believed to be in the ancient acropolis.

7 Springs Waterfalls and theTunnel

We move to the south coast of the island via Faliraki and go to see the 7 Springs Waterfall. In this little gem in nature you can see the 7 springs, relax in the tavern by the river and walk inside the famous tunnel. This tunnel was built in 1931 to bring water from the river to a small artificial lake and attracts many curious tourists to be able to walk its 186 meters barefoot in the water and in the dark.


Continuing for about another 20 minutes you arrive at the white perched Lindos, which already fascinates when looking at it from the panoramic point before the city. Built under the ancient acropolis, Lindos is a maze of winding streets, little shops and taverns in which to get lost. Worthy of note is the small bay surrounded by rocks of St. Paul Bay where you can sunbathe in the morning. While for a panoramic aperitif we recommend the local Rainbird.

Butterfly valley

We too were curious to see Petaloudes, the valley of butterflies. Being May we see only one butterfly (the period in which they hatch is in June) but it is still a beautiful and easy walk in the woods where the river and the trees create suggestive views. The cost is 3 euros. In addition, the road to get there is beautiful and scenic.

Best beaches

Among the best beaches in Rhodes are: Golden Beach or Agathi, Lindos beach and nearby St. Paul Bay, Anthony Quinn and nearby Ladiko, Tsambika, Kalathos and distant Prassonissi.

Beaches for Kytesurf

Last stop before taking the plane is the Sunset beach bar on Theologos beach 10 minutes from the airport, a heavenly place for kite surfers with deck chairs, bar, paddling pool, thatched gazebos… all chic and relaxing. Here it is always breezy and you can see beautiful sunsets.

Where to sleep in Rhodes

  • Madison Boutique, Faliraki

  • Lefka Hotel & Apartments

Useful tips:

  • From the airport it is easy to take the bus to the center of Rhodes town and save on taxis.

  • You can rent a moped from the airport or from the city centre.

  • Fast ferries depart daily from the port of Rhodes to the beautiful island of Symi.

  • If you want a place where time stands still, you can dedicate two days to Kastellorizo, the island of the Mediterranean film (it can be reached by ferry or flight from Rhodes). Read more


  • CRhodes city with Knights of Malta and Colossus

  • Kallithea Springs

  • Faliraki with the beaches Golden Beach, Anthony Quinn and Ladiko

  • 7 Springs

  • Tsambika beach

  • Lindos

  • Butterfly Valley



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