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Unusual Greece: Discovering Macedonia

Let's explore the Macedonia region among waterfalls, ski areas, spas in the woods. Unusual places not very frequented by the usual tourists in Greece.

The Macedonia region should not be confused with its neighbor North Macedonia, the Greeks are very strict about it.. they usually call the latter simply Skopje.

Edessa and the thermal baths of Pozar

Pella, Edessa waterfalls, Pozar thermal baths, Orma

This is one of the most deserving trips out of Thessaloniki.

Departing from Thessaloniki, after about 40 minutes you will arrive at the archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Pella, where you can visit the archaeological museum and the excavations open. The area is not very touristy and you are thrown into Greek agriculture, with large cotton fields and flying cotton wool along the roads.

Continuing for about another 50 minutes you arrive at the mountainous town Edessa, famous for its waterfalls. They are not waterfalls like the others, here it is the power and strength that is highlighted. The place is very pleasant and also suitable for children, with a bar restaurant, an easy path to go down along the waterfall and enjoy the view from under the main waterfall. Along the way, there are also some points of interest such as the botanical garden, the old mill and the reptile house.

From Edessa, we move again and after another half hour we go to the Terme di Pozar. The long is surrounded by nature, between the river and the forest. The word "pozar" means amber, "burning coal" and the relaxing heat of the water (37⁰C) melts away stress and fatigue.

It is easily reached by car, there are several parking lots and you continue on foot along the road for a short distance (do not park where there are stalls but keep going up). There are 2 outdoor swimming pools: the most scenic but small one near the Áyios Nikólaos river waterfall and the second one inside the complex. The cost of access is €3 for 30 minutes, but nobody looked at the clock and we stayed more than 1h30. There are also changing rooms, bathrooms and a bar restaurant.

Like good neo-Greeks at 4 we went to lunch in the nearby village of Orma, where our Greek friends had booked in the renowned Dionisos restaurant, one of the best tried.

Near the border with North Macedonia between waterfalls and a restaurant in the valley

Skar Falls, lake and restaurant

This area is made up of dozens of streams that descend from Mount Paikos and flow into the Skra waterfalls, or also called Blue Lake due to the color of its waters. A very suggestive and calm place, where you can take beautiful walks. In summer it is also possible to swim in the lake (we also found a rope for diving!).

To end the day we went to an excellent restaurant, called Paryphés, with a breathtaking view and swimming pool over the entire valley.

Snow and wine

Seli ski center, Pigadia 3-5, Naoussa

At the first snowfall, we couldn't resist and took the Panda for a stroll in the snow in Seli, just 1h30 from Thessaloniki. The road to get there is easy and crosses beautiful pastures and forests. Seli is a real mountain village with wooden houses and snow all around. Going up you get to the ski facilities where you can rent equipment, bobsled or relax in the sun and grab a bite to eat like we did. Being the first two days of opening, they made us take the chairlift ride to the top of the mountain and back for free: we were very lucky and enjoyed the splendid panorama. The lifts are not many and consist mostly of ski lifts, but for a day of skiing, they can be fine.

There are other places to go skiing including Pigadia 3-5.

In this area, there is also Naoussa, a folk village on the mountain with waterfalls and a small river that passes between the houses. Historically famous in ancient Greece and in 1822 for having rebelled against Turkish rule, even if it ended up destroyed and several women committed suicide in the river (hence it was given the name of Eroica Naoussa).

But above all famous for red wine with its PDO variety called Xinomavro" and for the typical carnival "Genitsari and Boules", the only one that incorporates the Greek traditions and customs of the time.

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